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Trimming Based on the Physiology of the Hoof

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My name is Erin, I  started trimming a little over 10 years ago. I continue to educate myself on the aspect of the hoof by attending as many workshops, clinic, and seminars as I can.   Over the years, I have studied, and worked on many cases. I have learned that the hoof is an ever changing part of the horses anatomy. How your horse lives, what your horse eats, and lots of other things we never think of, play a large roll in your horses hoof.


Important to the success of the barefoot trim is balance and shape. Included in the objectives are: 1) shortening the hoof wall and heel to the outer edge of the concave sole for best hoof conformation, and 2) applying a rounded bevel "mustang roll" to the bottom edge of the wall to allow for a correct break over (the moment when the foot tips forward as it begins to lift off the ground) and to prevent chipping and flaring of the wall.


There is some research which indicates removing horseshoes and using barefoot trimming techniques can reduce or in some cases eliminate founder (laminitis) in horses and navicular syndrome!


I am dedicated to the health and welfare of your horse by providing a natural approach to the maintenance and rehabilitation of your horse.


Your horse’s hoof is the foundation of its wellbeing.  Careful attention to their maintenance is an important aspect of the care you give your horse.  My goal is to help you create optimum health for your horse from the ground up. I utilize techniques which encourage the hoof to function optimally, restoring the inherent strength and health to your horse’s foot.


What do you have to lose by going barefoot?  Think of all there is to gain.  How does preventing your horse from developing many common hoof lameness and health problems sound?  Or how about added speed, agility, endurance, increased traction , and longevity?  Think about it for your horse. 



My Rates: As of December 15th 2015


$45.00 - Mini
$50.00 - Pony & Horse
$60.00 - Draft


Now accepting credit cards!


* Additional fees for travel over 20 miles, for additional training, removing shoes or if animals are severely overgrown. Please
e-mail or call to determine cost.



If you have a question on a trim or how your horse is after I have been out , PLEASE call me, I will come back out to look at and evaluate any concerns you may have!


I am dedicated to the heath and welfare of your horse and will work with you on any issues that may arise.


Please remember a pretty trim is not always the best trim, I trim the hoof  "in hand" , it is not all about looks for me it is about balance and soundness.